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Meet the Artist

John Blowers was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI.  He has been passionate about the arts since a very young age.  He now resides, full time, in Florida with his lovely wife, Rosie. He continues to have a passion for the arts, which he expresses through his painting and music. 

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John's Story

He studied art at Western Michigan University from 1966-1969, with an emphasis on drawing and painting.  He also had the opportunity to explore ceramics and sculpture, which has influenced his work on many levels.  

His paintings have evolved over the years and now feature a sculpted surface on canvas, which is really a low relief sculpture, that is then painted with acrylic and enamel paint.  The viewer is invited to see the elements of the design as an assemblage or collage of shapes that exist in real space.  This is achieved by placing hard edges next to soft blended areas where the raised textures of the designs are highlighted and shaded to further support the three-dimensional effect. Some of the designs are an abstract interpretation of a tidepool or wind and water. Others are a series involving an urban cityscape with musical elements as part of the design.

Art and music have many things in common, including composition, rhythm, harmony, repeating themes, etc. Also, art and music can both draw you in, hold your attention, or set a mood.  John's work is influenced by 60 years of being a musician, vocalist and artist.

John Blowers art fair booth
John Blowers, artist, original painting
John Blowers, artist, original painting
John Blowers, artist, original painting
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